Posted on: August 11, 2017

A Romantic Overseas Engagement shoot in Florence, Italy 

We love seeing our customer's love stories printed into photobooks and excited in having them sharing it with us! Tony and his wife had their engagement photoshoot in Florence, Italy. Throughout the book you can feel the love is in the air in every photograph. Casually walking around these gorgeous streets and capturing the moment along a romantic sunset is truly a dream come true. Read on as they share with us their story.

TinTin: Florence is a gorgeous place! What makes you choose this location for your engagement photoshoot?

Tony: Our goal is to travel to a new place each year and to step foot into every country together. Every time before we decide on a new place, we'll look up travel magazines and see what interest us. One day while we're looking, I found my wife (girlfriend back then) taking a long look at pages of Florence, Italy. I realize she's in love with this place and in my mind this will be the best place for our engagement photoshoot. 

TinTin: Which is your favourite photograph and why's that?

Tony: We love ice-cream from around the streets of Florence. They are famous for it and is a must have if you ever go there. Although we were having a photoshoot and having to look good. We still couldn't resist having big bites into it. Good that our photographer was able to capture these moments so naturally and beautifully. It's one of my favourite.

TinTin: What would you suggest to someone that's also planning for an oversea photoshoot?

Tony: Well, we think that every corner around the world is unique and has it's own beauty. So, no matter where you go remember to take lots of photos and enjoy the moment. One day these photos will bring you back all the precious memories.

TinTin: Besides making a photobook for yourself, you've also make one for your parent-in-law. Why photobook as a gift?

Tony: It's a joy for us to share our travel adventures with them. Although they weren't there with us, they can still feel the joy and happiness from looking at these photographs. Also, see how well I treat their daughter :)

TinTin: Where's the next travel adventure for the both of you?

Tony: Yes, it's time to look through the magazines again...well I guess have to see what catches her attention this time. No matter where it is, I'll still be looking forward to it and making photobooks again to safe keep all our travel adventures.

Posted on August 11, 2017

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