5 Helpful Tools in Designing your PhotoBook

 The idea of starting a new PhotoBook might be overwhelming at first with finding all the right photos and thinking of what to write. We've put together this list of our 5 most helpful tools to help make your PhotoBook making process much easier.

1. AutoFill

After importing all your photos, there's an Autofill button located just on top of the selected preview photos on the left side. This function will automatically fill in your PhotoBook with the photos base on the order of upload. It's a good starting point and then you can go on to edit/adjust each page as needed.

2. Swap

This function is located 2nd to the left on the tool bar once an image is selected. It works great when you want to quickly switch an image with another. Basically select one photo and then select the image you want to swap location with.


3. Layout > Shuffle

On the side of the page there are edit pages to make changes to the page. Click on the Layout button and then you'll see the Shuffle button within. This function lets you quickly rotate through the different layouts for the number of photos you've put on the page. It helps when you're stuck thinking how to place the photos and can give you ideas.

4. Duplicate

If you've create a layout you like and want to use it again on another page, use the duplicate function on the lower right corner. This will create an exact copy of your page with the layout. Then you'll just need to replace with new images and not have to create the layout from scratch.



5. All Pages - Move Spread

To arrange the layout, you can go into the All Pages view mode and then drag and drop the page spread into the right orders. This comes handy in the final steps when you're double checking and like to rearrange page if needed.

That's our 5 favourite functions  and our editor is filled with many options and functions to help make your PhotoBook creating process as easy and versatile as possible. Try it out and explore around with it and let us know what works for you. Remember to save your project if you want to go back to it at a later time and make sure to preview all spellings and misplace images before submitting. Also have a look at our Printing must read section to know more about the printings of PhotoBooks. Most of all enjoy and have fun with it! If you're stuck at any point feel free to email us info@tintinphoto.com or call us at 24633516 and we'll be there to help. 

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