The Show Must Go On!

Everyday is a new adventure in watching your baby grows. How great it is to capture all these moments with a little of creativity and fun into a photobook. Here's what Julian did for his baby girl and their little adventure to share with us.

"How badly do you want to watch TV? What are the extent that you would go to, to watch your favourite shows? This is what Darth Ella does... Usually when I cook now, I'd play some of her children tunes on youtube and she'd play or dance around while I cooked. After a week with her grandparents, she is certain that the music comes with visuals and she wants to watch them. As we still deem her to be too young to be a TV hog, we usually just limit her time (to when she's with her grannies only) and just let her hear the music. But she has evolved and she wants to watch. Unknown to me of her determination, as any other day would be, I played the tunes whilst I cooked and was shocked when I turned around to see what she was doing. Not only has she climbed onto our chairs, but lifted the laptop screen to watch it while wiggling to the music! I wasn't sure to laugh, to be angry, surprised, intrigued or just stunned as she is more clever than I thought she'd be... You win this round Ella, but next time, I'll make sure you won't get to watch!!" - Julian

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Posted on Apr 14, 2019

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