Changing mailing address or pickup locations:

Yes, but we advice you to let us know within 24 hours once your is placed. This will help in avoiding deny in your shipment because once it's shipped we cannot change it. You can let us know by sending an email to

I've paid for shipping but decide to pickup at your shop

Yes, same as above just email us within 24hours and we'll update on our side and refund the shipping fees back to your credit card. 

Shipping outside of Hong Kong

All Photobooks start from 28pages (except for the smallest 21x15cm books starting from 34pages). All PhotoBooks can add upto a maximum of 200pages. Shipping rate varies depending on location and products ordered. The best is to email us at for a quote.

Is there a bulk order discount?

Yes, if you order the same design project photobook for more than 10 copies we can offer a 20% off discount. When you're ready with your order, send us an email and we'll prepare the coupon code for you.

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