cover and pages layout

Starting with the front cover on the right and the back cover on the left. Clicking on next page button will move to the inside pages. The first page will be starting on the right. There are thumbnails at the bottom which you can scroll to preview different pages. 

images and layout tab

Click the image tab on the left to upload images from computer, facebook or instagram account. Use the layout tab to change the layout on a page. You can choose from the the list and drag and drop on to the page the one you want to use.

custom layout

Create a custom layout by adding new photo holders or directly drag photos on to a blank page.  You can remove any existing photo holders you don't like or just scale it to fit your design. The layer button helps to arrange which photos you want to be on top or as a background.

edit images

Click on the images and the edit tabs will show up. You can zoom in/out, rotate, flip, change transparency, arrange layers and add color borders to the images.

edit text

Click on the text icon tab to add new text box. You can change the alignment, font, color, size and place it anywhere on the page.

rearrange pages

Rearrange the pages by clicking the preview button at the lower left corner. Then you can drag and drop the pages to the arrangement you like. You can also add, duplicate and delete pages.

low resolution images

When the image is low in resolution a yellow warning icon will pop up. In this case we'll suggest replacing another image will better quality or scale the image smaller on the page so the warning sign will disappear.

mask and shapes

You can add mask to a photo holder to change the shape of it. Also you can add solid shapes such as circles and squares.