Re-Print ID Photo online

Whether you want to use your own ID photo or have one already taken to reprint more, you’re likely facing the same challenge… you want it printed and deliver to you without making another trip to have your photograph taken again— all at a great price and most importantly saves you time. That’s a tough combination to find. But we delivers and you'll just need to choose your best photo for us to print and we'll take care the rest. 

Upload Photo

choose photo
Step 1: Take/Choose own photo

Use a white wall as background, take several photos with a camera or smartphone or just choose your favourite headshot photo previously taken.

upload and choose size
Step 2: Upload and Select ID size

Choose the standard ID photo size (40x50mm) on our editor. Zoom in/ out the photo to adjust the crop as you like. Follow the head size guideline if it's for official HK passport photo. 

reprint passport
Step 3: Order and Receive in mail

You'll receive a set of 8 prints for $40/set. Shipping is $20 anywhere in HK doesn't matter how many you print. Deliver in 1-3business days.

How to take a picture for HK passport photo? 

  • Equipment: Use a digital camera or the back camera of your smartphone to take high quality photos.
  • Background: Take the photo in front of a plain background such as white wall or screen. If need to edit out background to white you can use software like PhotoShop or online background removal tools.
  • Lighting: Make sure there are no shadows on your face or on the background. Adjust the distance to the wall to remove shadows on the background. Face the light source such as a window to remove shadows on the face. You can use additional light source to get even lighting on the face.
  • Facial features: Have a neutral facial expression. Look straight to the camera. Shown full face. Eyebrows should not be covered by hair. Eyes open. Mouth closed. Slight smile is acceptable. Position the camera in the same height as the head. Shoulders should be visible, and there should be enough space around the head for cropping the photo. Get more information on official HK passport photo size requirement website.

Disclaimer: We DO NOT guarantee that your photo uploaded for this printing service will be accepted by the passport office.Therefore, we are not liable for any loss, damages, inconvenience or disrupted travel plans if these photos are not accepted. Due to the special requirements for passport photos we suggest you to visit our shops to have your photograph taken. For full detail and update photo requirements please visit the corresponding passport type's official website.