TinTinPhoto Shop Locations

At our retail shops you can check out our wide range of personalize photo products before ordering online. In shop we also offer photo prints and passport photo services at our shop. Feel free to contact us for details and learn more about our services.

Stanley Plaza (retail shop)

Stanley, Hong Kong

Shop No. 301A, Stanley Plaza,No. 23 Carmel Road, Stanley, HK

10:00am-6:00pm Tues-Sun

(2-3pm lunch hour)

TEL: 2813-8060

  • FujiFilm instax products

  • photo frame and craft accessaries

TinTinPhoto Stanley Plaza

Tsuen Wan D Park (Donut Village)

Tsuen Wan, New Territories

Shop 21, L1, Donut Village, D Park Tsuen Wan

12:00am-6:00pm Mon-Sun

(2:00-3:00pm lunch hour)

TEL: 2367-8028


  • Passport photos

  • Photo Prints

TinTinPhoto Global Gateway

TinTinPhoto in-shop photo service 

Our experts in shop will create your passport photos in minutes with our hassle free, professional service. We can provide prints and digital copies for all types of passport, school applications or even a professional portrait for Linkin profile! Just pop along one of our shops and have your passport photos and photo printing ready in minutes! 

moon festival
Passport Photos / ID & Visa

We can and have the knowledge to meet all the specific sizes and requirements for official documents. All types of passport photos including HK passport / Return China Card / BNO / USA / UK / Canada and more! Unlike a photo booth, we can take as many photos as you need to ensure you are completely satisfied before they are printed - at no additional cost! For school applications and regular ID photos a nice big smile is always welcome :) 

baby photo
The Perfect Baby Photo

We get it, taking a good baby photo may seems like an impossible task. Don't worry we're well prepared and trained to capture your baby's best images for yours to choose. Our professional and patient staffs will make sure that both you and your child are totally comfortable before photo shooting. There is no rush so just sit back and relax as we take your baby's first passport photo. 

professional headshot portrait
Professional headshot photos

A professional portrait is your first chance to make a good impression as a candidate. We uses the most flattering light and will even digitally remove blemishes to represent you in the best way.  What usually will cost hundreds to thousands in studio settings can be done by us at a fraction of the cost in just a matter of minutes. One good headshot photo is all you need.

TinTinPhoto @ Tsuen Wan D•PARK Donut Village 

Our newest shop is located inside "Donut Village" in Tsuen Wan D•PARK . Donut Village is a cartoon theme area where children and family can spend a day to shop, eat and play. To match with the theme we have a specialized comfy and spacious area for taking babies and infants passport photos. Once your child is ready, we will take as many images as required until we have one that we are 100% certain will meet specification and that you are happy with. Parents won't feel the rush and we'll guarantee it'll be a photo you are satisfy with. Come visit us to checkout our photo products, take passport photo and print out photos! 

tintinphoto dpark donut village